Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (2024)

This collection of festive Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes contains everything you need to plan your holiday meal. Start off with a selection of mouthwatering appetizers, then move on to exceptional sides and mains, and finally finish with sweet and delicious Christmas desserts!

Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (1)

Planning a vegan dinner during the holidays might seem daunting at first, but if this selection shows anything it's that you don't have to miss out on any of your favorites just because they're plant-based.

Making Christmas dinner vegan doesn't have to be complicated. To show you what I mean, I've collected some of the very best Vegan Christmas Recipes. From drool-worthy appetizers and side dishes to showstopping mains and charmingly sweet desserts, this list is sure to inspire you this holiday season.

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You'll love this collection of Vegan Christmas Recipes because everything is:

  • Festive & Delicious!
  • Vegan / Vegetarian
  • Dairy-Free / Egg-Free
  • Perfect for Sharing
  • Kid-friendly
  • Great for Holiday Dinners and Parties

What do vegans eat for Christmas?

The short answer is, there is no right answer.

To me, Christmas dinner has always felt a lot more flexible than Thanksgiving. But if there's a specific dish that you absolutely must have to give yourself the right amount of Christmas cheer, fear not. Someone, somewhere, has veganized it.

But don't forget, you aren't under any obligation to have a traditional dinner with a typical main course. Sometimes we just enjoy appetizers and a vegan grazing board. Or you can make a meal of side dishes. Want to make pasta your main dish? Go for it!

The good news is that when it comes to vegan Christmas food, you have options. In this collection, I've rounded up more than 25 delicious vegan holiday recipes to help get you started and inspire your Christmas feast.

Tips for planning a vegan Christmas dinner

Pick your Battles: If you're planning to make a more complicated main course, then consider going for easier appetizers and sides, like this vegan Charcuterie Board for a starter and Air Fryer Green Beans to go with your main.

Plan Ahead: It probably goes without saying, but you should definitely take advantage of make-ahead dishes like cookies, cakes, and casseroles. Make or prep them a few days in advance and save yourself as much headache as possible on the big day.

Map it Out: Whenever I"m planning a big, complicated holiday meal, I make a labeled sketch of my dishes and where they need to be cooked or reheated.

For instance, I just have a four-burner stove and a smallish oven, so it's really important that I don't plan more dishes than I can fit. Small appliances like air fryers and instant pots can really come in handy here, giving you extra cooking or warming spaces if your oven or stove are full. Mapping it out will also help so that you don't forget a dish, as I am wont to do.

Vegan Christmas starters & munchies

Start off on the right foot with these plant-based appetizers. Whether you just want something light to hold you over to dinner or you want to make a whole meal, these recipes will give you what you need.

For even more appetizer ideas, be sure to check out my collection of Must-Try Vegan Appetizer Recipes!

Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (2)

Vegan Charcuterie Board (Vegan Snack Board)

No matter if you're throwing a holiday party or just having a lazy night in, a Vegan Charcuterie Board (aka Vegan Snack Board) is an easy and fun appetizer or main course. Gather round and sample a variety of vegan goodies like veggies, dips, hummus, nuts, fruit, and more.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (3)

Christmas Pinwheels by VNutrition and Wellness

These charming and festive pinwheels are filled with vegan pesto and sundried tomatoes for a perfect bite of Christmas goodness.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (4)

Vegan Sausage Rolls by Simply CeeCee

Layers of flaky pastry surround a savory mushroom filling. Whether you serve them as an appetizer or main course, these Vegan Sausage Rolls are sure to be a hit at your Christmas festivities.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (5)

Vegan Butternut Squash Soup

This Vegan Butternut Squash Soup is creamy and luxurious. Made with just a handful of simple ingredients, you can serve this vegan fall soup as a main course, side dish, or appetizer. Perfect for holidays and cozy nights in!

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (6)

Vegan Cheese Ball with Cranberries & Pistachios by Pink Fortitude

This Vegan Cheese Ball is made with cashews and topped with cranberries and pistachios for a festive and delicious starter that's perfect for your holiday meal.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (7)

Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms with Herbed Almond Ricotta

Fresh herbs, tangy almond ricotta, crunchy breadcrumbs, and a little kick of spicy red pepper flakes make these baked Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms the star of any spread. Whether you're serving them as an appetizer at a holiday gathering or cozying up for a night in, these delicious bites are sure to please any palate!

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Now that you've had some time to munch and mingle, let's move on to dinner!

Vegan Christmas dinner sides

What makes a great Christmas side dish can vary from family to family. And while I can't capture every tradition here, I can get you started.

For more side dish ideas, check out these Easy Vegan Sides or this collection of Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes!

Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (8)

Maple Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

These Maple Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts are crispy, beautifully caramelized, and full of rich flavors. Elegant enough to be the perfect vegan side dish for your next holiday meal but easy enough to serve on a busy weeknight.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (9)

Sweet Potato Spinach Salad (Vegan)

This Sweet Potato Spinach Salad is the perfect combination of fall harvest flavors. You get sweetness from the mission figs and sweet potatoes, saltiness from the vegan feta and bacon bits, crunchiness from the sunflower seeds, and acidity from the creamy apple cider dressing. Perfect for make-ahead lunches, potlucks, or a light dinner.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (10)

Vegan Wild Rice Stuffing by The Cheeky Chickpea

Christmas dinner isn't complete without stuffing, and this hearty and comforting Wild Rice Stuffing is sure to impress. Made with vegan Italian sausage, apples, and crusty bread, this recipe combines savory and sweet for an unbeatbale flavor combo.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (11)

Air Fryer Green Beans

These Air Fryer Green Beans are crispy and perfectly seasoned with lemon juice and vegan parmesan. They make a delicious and easy side dish that's quick enough for a weeknight but elegant enough for a holiday meal!

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (12)

Holiday Kale Salad with Maple Mustard Dressing by Dianne's Vegan Kitchen

This colorful kale salad is topped with butternut squash, pecans, and pomegranate seeds. Toss with maple mustard dressing for a delicious Christmas side dish.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (13)

Vegan Orange Cranberry Sauce

Citrusy and tart with notes of maple and cinnamon, this healthy homemade cranberry sauce makes the perfect addition to any holiday table. Sweetened with orange juice and maple syrup, this recipe is vegan and refined sugar-free.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (14)

Air Fryer Hasselback Sweet Potatoes by Profusion Curry

These gorgeous Hasselback Sweet Potatoes are topped with maple syrup and paprika for a flavorful side dish you can't beat. These are made in the air fryer, but oven instructions are included.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (15)

Vegan Mashed Potatoes (Without Butter or Oil)

These mashed potatoes are luscious, creamy, and rich--but without any butter or oil! The flavor comes from the nutritional yeast and powdered vegetable broth.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (16)

Vegan Strawberry Pretzel Salad by My Quiet Kitchen

You might be surprised to find this sweet dish listed under sides and not desserts, but I assure you that my family always ate it as side dish! This gelatin and dairy-free take on the classic offers that perfect combo of sweet, salty, and creamy for an unforgettable recipe.

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Vegan Christmas dinner mains

Welcome to the main course! For many people going meatless, the main course can be the hardest choice. But not to worry! I've got you covered with a selection of vegan options. Some of them replicate traditional meat dishes, while others stand on their own.

One thing is for sure--these Vegan Christmas Main Dishes are sure to leave everyone satisfied!

Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (17)

Lentil Shepherd's Pie (Vegan + Oil-Free)

This Lentil Shepherd's Pie is hearty and comforting. With the rich flavors of the lentils and the creaminess of the mashed potatoes, this veggie-filled dish is perfect for a Sunday family dinner or a cozy holiday meal.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (18)

Stuffed Butternut Squash by Veggie Desserts

This flavorful butternut squash is roasted and stuffed with lentils, mushrooms, kale, and cranberries to make a gorgeous main course that's perfect for your Christmas table.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (19)

Whole Roasted Cauliflower by Short Girl Tall Order

This Whole Roasted Cauliflower is marinated, baked, topped with tahini sauce, and garnished with pomegranate seeds, making it a perfect and colorful centerpiece to your vegan Christmas table.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (20)

Vegan Cannelloni with Spinach and Ricotta

This Vegan Cannelloni is filled with a blend of spinach, vegan ricotta, and basil for a family-friendly meal that's bursting with Italian flavors! Not only is this dish healthy and oil-free, but it's perfect for dinner parties and meal prep.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (21)

Juicy Vegan Seitan Roast Beef by My Plantiful Cooking

This high flavor and hearty Vegan Roast Beef makes the perfect main for you Christmas Dinner.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (22)

Christmas Filo Wreath with Chestnut, Mushroom, & Squash Filling by The Vegan Larder

This Christmas Filo Wreath has holiday cheer written all over it. This showstopper main dish is filled with a savory mix of chestnut, mushroom, and squash for a hearty and delicious centerpeice.

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And last, but not least... dessert!

Vegan Christmas desserts

Who doesn't love a good dessert after a special meal? But Christmas desserts are very special indeed. Most of the things we think of as Christmas desserts are recipes we only make once a year, so we want to make them count!

I happen to be a big fan of Christmas cookies, but I've also included some other vegan Christmas treats that are sure to fill you with the Christmas spirit!

Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (23)

Vegan Gingerbread Cake by Rainbow Nourishments

This charming and delectable Vegan Gingerbread Cake is wonderfully spiced and sits between layers of vegan buttercream. It's the perfect centerpeice to your Christmas dessert buffet!

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (24)

Vegan Red Velvet Cookies

These chewy, rich, and decadent Vegan Red Velvet Cookies are filled with vegan white chocolate chips. They come together quickly with just a handful of ingredients and make a perfect special treat for Christmas or Valentine's Day.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (25)

Chocolate Hazelnut Balls by The Oregon Dietician

These no-bake Chocolate Hazelnut Balls are a festive and flavorful addition to your Christmas dessert spread. They simple, easy, and delicious!

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (26)

Vegan Christmas Sprinkle Cookies

These Vegan Christmas Cookies are soft and chewy on the inside, with a satisfyingly crunchy exterior. Swap out different types of sprinkles for a versatile and delicious winter treat. Perfect for adding to your holiday table or giving out as an edible gift!

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (27)

Vegan Yule Log by Baked by Clo

No Christmas is complete without a Yule Log and this veganized version won't dissapoint. Rolled chocolate sponge cake is filled with vanilla buttercream and coated with creamy chocolate ganache for an absolute show stopper of a dessert.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (28)

Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles by Cheerful Choices

These quick and easy truffles need just three ingredients. Choose from a variety of coatings for a customizable holiday treat!

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (29)

Shortbread Fudge Christmas Squares by The Home Baked Vegan

These shortbread squares are topped with fudge, candy cane peices, and marshmallows for a fun and delicious vegan Christmas treat!

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (30)

Gluten-Free Vegan Gingerbread Cookies by Beet of the Wild

These crunchy and delicious Vegan Gingerbread Cookies are the perfect Christmas treat! They're fun to decorate and look great on a party buffet or cookie platter.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes (31)

Vegan Snickerdoodles

These Vegan Snickerdoodles are soft, chewy, and have that hint of telltale tanginess that makes them oh-so special and delicious! These easy vegan cookies come together quickly and are perfect for Christmas or any holiday treat!

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That's it! I hope you love these Vegan Christmas Recipes. If any of your favorites are missing, please let me know in the comments.

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