This Character Has Made People Religious (2023)


Please criticize my videos are harshly as possible.

This is a video about the fallout new vegas character Joshua graham, a fictional Mormon missionary who (according to some YouTube comments) has convinced former Christians to return to church.

Intro Credit:
LongBeachGriffy - When a hood dude gives his life to god

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If I could describe Joshua Graham in 20 seconds, here's, how I would do it? Oh crap.

You ain't in church pal.

You ain't in Bible study bang, you ain't popping that [ __ ] for Jesus, God, God.



Let's rewind and start from the beginning.

This is Joshua Graham, a character featured in The, Honest, Hearts, DLC for the 2010, Classic, Fallout, New Vegas.

And in my opinion, one of the most interesting and terrifying fictional characters ever made Joshua Graham is a person with a dark past who for a very good reason has devoted the rest of his life to serving his God, a man filled with hatred under a calm and assertive demeanor who many consider not only ruthless, but also righteous a religious character so compelling that is convinced people to return to church and to even read the Bible and is this comment so eloquently puts it.

This man can convince the most atheist redditor to become the most God-fearing churchgoer.

But we can't expect God to do all the work.

But let me be clear while you might walk away from this video with a new perspective on Christianity.

This video was not made to convert you in any way.

Another Jehovah's Witness who desires to convert non-believers into God-fearing Christians.

In fact, I myself, although been baptized do not consider myself religious.

Do I believe God exists.

Yes, do I believe in any mainstream religion, no I'm simply here to entertain you and talk to you about one of my favorite characters.

This is Joshua Graham, aka the burned man, a character.

So good, it has made people religious.


New Vegas is a game set in the far future of 2281 204 years after a nuclear war that turned the us into a radioactive Wasteland.

Our story starts here in post-nuclear Zion Valley, a part of the beautiful Zion National Park in Utah.

We are a courier and our Caravan was ambushed by tribal Raiders known as the white Lakes by the time bullets stopped flying.

We were the only one left leading to us being spotted by a friendly, tribal Scout named follow shock who takes us to his tribe leader.

This tribe leader is Joshua leading the tribe known as the dead horses before meeting him.

However, we get warned by a tribal to show respect to Joshua as he's the acting Warchief.

When we first see Joshua, we see a man in a cave covered in bandages, inspecting pistols.

He seems to be preparing for something the haste at which Joshua inspects, these pistols and a large stack of them that he's already looked at subconsciously indicating to us that Joshua is a man who at the very least is very familiar with this weapon or a man who is very used to inspecting Firearms of all types to prepare for past battles, two predictions that turn out to be true.

As soon as we start speaking with him, we should have given you a better.

Welcome on your first visit to Zion, but from what I hear the white legs beat us to it.

White legs seem to be the only visitors.

We have these days and I wouldn't have expected anyone from the Mojave to come looking for us and you're a courier, no less, not the one I was expecting, but I suppose he wouldn't have come with a caravan.

I, don't know, if you were close to the other members of your group, but you have my sympathy, I pray for the safety of all good people who come to Zion even gentiles.

But we can't expect God to do all the work Gentile is another word used for someone who's, not of Jewish faith.

However, Joshua as we'll soon find out is a Mormon, the Mormon use of the word refers to an outsider.

Instead, since the slaughter of our Caravan happened only hours ago, we can ask Joshua how he knows of our Misfortune so quickly making it seem as if he were there to view or even prevent it.

The dead horses are capable Scouts.

Nothing passes into or out of Zion without my hearing of it I came here with the Happy Trails Caravan company to make contact with the new Canaanites Happy, Trails, I, remember, they were good friends.

I have bad news for your employers New Canaan was destroyed its citizens scattered all because of the white legs and Caesar, of course, the white legs want to join.

The legion Caesar's rite of passage is the destruction of the new Canaanites almost assuredly.

Because of me, the good news is that we can help you find your way back Daniel.

One of the other new Canaanites has made many maps of the region.

The bad news is that we can't help you right now, not with everything that's going on to understand what Joshua is saying here you first have to know a little bit more about the plot of Fallout New Vegas itself in Fallout New Vegas.

There are two main factions, the new California Republic, a corrupt Society based on Old World values, like model, capitalism that aims to restore the post-nuclear Wasteland to its former Law and Order glory and Caesar's Legion, a fascist regime, hell-bent on long-term stability, even in favor of all individuality, effectively, an army of slaves that only serves one man, Caesar, the white legs, a group of savages who destroyed our Caravan aims to join Caesar's Legion by destroying all new Canaanites.

And anyone in their way, Joshua Graham being their main target.

Faced with this ultimatum.

We have two ways of getting out of this Valley either by helping Joshua and another new Canaanite named Daniel in fighting the white legs or by killing Daniel and Joshua and taking the map off their dead bodies.

If the player suggests violence over diplomacy Joshua explains why that wouldn't end well for you in the most bone-chilling way, there are many reasons why that would be a bad idea I will illuminate three first do not believe that because Daniel is a missionary.

He is incapable of or unwilling to defend himself.

Second if you harm Daniel or any of the Sorrows or dead horses, I will find you make no mistake, God willing.

You will not leave this Valley.

Lastly, Waging War against good.

People is bad for the soul.

This may not seem important to you now it's.

The most important thing I've said now that rejecting Joshua's offer seems thoroughly off the table.

We can alternatively agree to help Joshua to which he will say this you're, a good neighbor to us.

We all go through periods of Darkness in such times.

We can turn to the Lord, but it's good to have friends, Daniel and I need pre-war tools to help us navigate Beyond.


Should we need to evacuate? These instruments will be vital to us.

Normally we would have some of the dead horses or Sorrows, look for them.

But many pre-war buildings in the valley are taboo.

They won't go inside now that we have our task.

We are free to ask Joshua about some questions.

We might have the first of which is dependent on the player's Affinity, slash disdain for the legion.

If the player is allied with the legion and has met Caesar, we can choose to threaten Joshua by telling Caesar where he is I think that would put him and you in a difficult position, Caesar has agents looking for me, but he won't admit I'm alive.

And even if you killed me, he can't acknowledge that to do so would be to admit I had never died that Caesar made a mistake.

No, he lives by his lies and shall die by his lies.

There is no escaping it making an attempt on Joshua's.

Life is ultimately meaningless in my run.

However, we'd like to take a moment to announce it to which we're able to deliver Joshua some much deserved.

Good news, I have to admit, it's hard to believe that even after all, he did to me all he tried to do to find and erase me from this world.

He went first, no doubt, this will be good for the Mojave I can only hope Arizona.

And the tribes don't suffer as the legion falls apart around them.

Finally, we're able to talk to Joshua about his guns in the Great Basin in Colorado Plateau all tribes are known for a specific weapon.

White legs are known for their big submachine.


Storm drums.

They broke into an Armory near Spanish Fork and have been using them for years.

Of course, the dead horses have their wooden wall clubs.

And even the Sorrows have their yaoge gauntlets.

This type of 45 automatic pistol was designed by one of my tribe.

Almost 400 years ago, learning its use is a new Canaanite rite of passage.

The tribe member Joshua is referring to here is in fact, the legendary real world gun designer, John, Moses Branning, who like Joshua grew up a Mormon in Atkin Utah before going on to design countless iconic Firearms, such as the 1911 pistol.

The Browning high power, the Browning Auto 5, lever action, 1886 1897, trench gun, semi-auto, Model, 8 rifle, m1919, light machine gun.

And finally, the M2 heavy machine gun chambered and the giant 50 BMG still in use along with many many other designs.

The gun Joshua is inspecting.

Here is a 1911 chambered in 45 ACP by the way.

This inspection animation is just incredible.

Not only is it really cool and slick, but it's actually pretty realistic considering.

This game is 13 years old.

He starts by pulling back the slide and ejecting the magazine before inspecting the chamber firing pin and ejector next.

He flips the gun around to inspect the rifling of the barrel before reinserting, the magazine and releasing the slide 10 out of 10., it's, it's, great.

But enough dirty gun.

Talk, let's, go back to Joshua and ask him about why he cares so much for his religious practices.

I am a new Canaanite, We, believe, We, Are, The, Heirs of a spiritual tradition, given to our ancestors, thousands of years ago we have made and kept covenants with our Lord God to honor his laws in exchange.

We are promised Eternal salvation after this life, a day will come when our Lord returns to judge us all until then we must honor his laws and start others along the path of Salvation.

If we can that's, why we trade with others and work the tribes we have more than food and medicine to offer.

Good news is our most valuable commodity.

We can of course question Joshua further, if we act dismissively to which Joshua will show us some patience and explain further into what he believes, I know, it may be hard for you to accept or even to understand in my heart I believe that though I am a sinner I have been saved and I believe there is something Beyond this rock and this era and this water around us.

Something more that is waiting for us.

I have been baptized twice once in water.

Once in flame I will carry the fire of the holy spirit inside until I stand before my lord for judgment.

We finally learn why Joshua wears bandages, supposedly having been baptized by fire after some unfortunate event, the pieces are all there, but we'll have to help Joshua and the Sorrows tribe before he opens up about his past now, leaving dead horse point with our objective.

We are tasked with collecting various pieces of equipment throughout Zion, Valley and hand them over to Daniel.

Another Mormon missionary and leader of the Sorrows tribe.

First we must collect a compass in the wreckage of an old school bus before repairing it with either skill or by using spare parts found close by next.

We must find two wonky-talkies in a locked cabinet and a fishing launch obtaining.

These are fairly straightforward.

Lastly, we must gather both a medical kit.

And for some reason five lunch boxes why? Uh, no clue it's annoying, though they're, hidden pretty well.

Now with our bucket list of items in hand, we head over to the Sorrows tribe, where we are greeted by waking Cloud asaro's, tribal, who leads us to Daniel.

The dead horses told me details about the attack on your Caravan, a stranger, sympathy might not count for much.

But for what it's worth I'm.


The Sorrows will mourn your friends, too They Mourn.

Everyone even the white legs.

They have sensitive Souls innocent.

If there is such a thing in spite of what's happened, I hope that Joshua and I can help you out of here.

But to be frank, we need your help too giving Daniel his supplies.

He gives us a bad news.

Well, I'll be I was starting to lose hope.

We'd be able to get any of this much less all of it tribals are smart, but well, they're ignorant, letting go of a taboo is difficult for them.

So I knew it would have to be one of us.

Turns out all it took was a gentile or uh, no offense.

These supplies are a godsend.

But if we're going to evacuate Zion without drawing more white leg, attention I need you to go back into the valley specifically I need you to scout out some locations for white legs and try to recover a map of grand staircase, a Wilderness Area to the east there's, also, the matter of the roads we're going to be heading out of the east side of the park, but I'm, not sure the way is clear, whatever I can do to help Daniel I.

Appreciate the enthusiasm there aren't, a lot of people in the Wasteland with kindness to spare for anyone who isn't kin after this it's, just a matter of getting everyone out of here, safe and sound.

And hopefully you can head back to the Mojave without any more trouble, Daniel makes it clear that he intends to evacuate the Sorrows tribe.

However, Joshua has other plans something he justifies with scripture as we find out as soon as we try to leave the Sorrows Camp by the Rivers of Babylon there.

We sat down yea.

We wept when we remembered Zion, remember, O Lord, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem who said, raise it.

Raise it even to the foundation? Oh daughter of Babylon, who ought to be destroyed? Happy shall he be that rewardeth? Thee is thou Hast served us.

Happy shall he be the taketh and dashes thy little ones against the stones? Do you know what it means in case you don't, speak, Old, English.

Let me translate that one for you alongside babylon's streams there.

We sat down crying because we remembered Zion Lord, remember what [ __ ] did on Jerusalem's Darkest Day, rip it down all the way to its foundations o daughter of Babylon, you [, __, ], I hope.

What you did to us gets done to you less on the [ __ ], who takes your children and smashes them against the stone, yeah, safe to say that Joshua Wants Revenge for what the white Lakes did to his Mormon Buddies, given those two choices, yes in the best of all possible worlds.

They would just leave us in peace, but they won't I, don't, enjoy killing.

But when done righteously it's, just a chore like any other practiced hands make for short work.

And the good Lord knows there's much to be done here by the way.

This is like one of the best responses in any Fallout game.

So yeah, Joshua What's, um what's up with the baby murder thing.

Happy are those who do the work of the Lord Zion belongs to God.

And the people of God.

It is a natural Temple and Monument to his glory when our Lord entered the temple and found it polluted by money, changers and beasts did he ask them to leave? Did he cry? Did he simply walk away? No, he drove them out.

It is one thing to forgive a slap across my cheek, but an insult to the lord requires, no, it demands correction.

Foreign, listen, Joshua, I, don't know, if you figured this out yet, but I don't believe in what you believe then as a gentile, you should find this to be even more beneficial if the sorrow stay in Zion.

You will always have a link to New Canaan.

If the Sorrows leave Zion so too do the new Canaanites what's, more you'll have more white legs coming farther south.

You may not be concerned over matters of Faith.

But this is a case where faith and practicality coincide.

No one wants the white legs here.

We just need to convince Daniel that it's our responsibility to ensure that doesn't happen.

Joshua aims to turn the innocent tribal Sorrows into Warriors by defending their home, Zion Valley against the wishes of Daniel.

This certainly needs some thought though before we commit to this.

Luckily for us, Joshua finally has some spare time to talk about his past it's, not something I enjoy, but I pray to God that someone may learn from my mistakes.

What would you like to know first we can offer him help with his Burns.

If we have a speech level higher than 70., you are kind to offer, but no there's nothing.

You can do we don't use cams, but I learned long ago that I'm immune to their effects.

It never stops burning.

My skin every day I have to unwind the bandages and replace them with fresh ones, exposing my body to the air is like living through it again, but it's better to be clean than comfortable.

Unfortunately, we can't do anything to help Joshua with his wounds.

But what we can do is ask him about the origins of them I was born in Ogden.

But people came to call New Canaan.

Things were more peaceful.

When I was growing up when I was a young man I went out into the world to do missionary work as all new Canaanites, do I traveled along the long, 15 and followed 89, South into Arizona along the way I met two men from a group called The Followers of the Apocalypse Edward sallow and Bill Calhoun.

They came to teach the tribes Calhoun was a good man.

Edward was the one who got us into trouble down the road, recognizing Caesar's real name.

We can inquire further, no not that back.

Then he was just Edward, smart man young.

But we all were, we thought we could hike into the Grand Canyon and talk to blackfoots.

We did and the blackfoots were friendly enough at first, but eventually I've thought back to that day.

So many times I must have mistranslated.

Something must have been mixed up because the blackfoots decided we weren't going to leave the rest is history.

Assuming Edward hasn't changed it.

Now we know that Joshua was there for the formation of the Legion, converting an already existing tribe into a war-ready army.

This way lies the path to hell and Caesar needed me to translate translation became giving orders giving orders became leading in battle leading in battle became training, punishing terrorizing, a series of small mistakes before a great fall and I stayed in that Darkness until after Hoover Dam after I, failed Caesar.

And he had me burned alive thrown into the Grand Canyon specifically covered in pitch a form of tree sap or residue from oil, refinement, then thrown From.

The Canyon far enough up to break countless bones despite this, he allegedly didn't even scream on the way down I survived because the fire inside burned brighter than the fire around me.

I fell down into that.

Dark chasm flame burned on.

And on the next morning, I, woke up and crawled out of the northern edge of the Grand Canyon that cursed place.

It took me three months to reach New Canaan.

It was as though the prodigal son had returned.

They welcomed me like I had never left never done anything to shame them.

The fire that had kept me.

Alive was love.

Their love.

God's, love I will never be able to repay the dead I owe to them, but I must try to survive such an execution then make it all the way back to a home that forgave.

This heinous sin is a blessing random chance.

Doesn't seem good enough to make come true.

Because of this Joshua believed God forgave him for what he had done and granted him a second chance at Living a righteous life, he forgave all who had wronged him even Caesar accepting to trade in his currency and still believing that.

He is redeemable.

Now, knowing how experienced Joshua is in combat, we have an understanding that the victory of the sorrows and the dead horses over the white legs is as good as guarantee an escape might only create more death.

But before we make that assumption, we should know what we're up against.

So we ask about the leader of the white legs salt upon wounds.

He's, a butcher believe me, I know, the Godless fire that burns in his heart, I've been burned by it myself he's, not the kind to let his subordinates do all the killing.


He likes to have a hand in it that Spear of his he's fashioned himself in Abomination before the eyes of the Lord I'm happy to serve as an instrument of divine Justice.

He's also responsible for the destruction of Joshua's home, New Canaan.

And the killer of his family, naturally, Joshua, Wants, Revenge, something he might not want to admit even to himself before we can commence the assault.

However, we'll need to do some preventative strikes that make sure the bones of the white legs break as soon as possible Gathering, the map killing mutated bears.

But most importantly, destroying both Tramps and camps built by the white legs only then do we have the opportunity to go into battle with Joshua.

But first we have to give Daniel the bad news about the future of his innocent Sorrows.

Well, that's it.

This is all we need.

Now all that's left is to quietly pack up and try to get out of here without being noticed that's, assuming that Joshua won't try to stop me and that he hasn't talked you into fighting the white legs, despite what I've said, don't, worry, I, don't, hold it against you you're a an outsider, fighting seems like the Practical solution, I'll, tell you again, there's more at stake in my eyes, if we don't turn the Sorrows into capable, Fighters they'll, stay easy prey for the violent Wasteland.

All Daniel is doing by fleeing is deciding where the Sorrows end up eradicated here in Zion or out in the Mojave I, fully agree with Joshua's desire to destroy the white legs, maybe not for religious reasons, but certainly for practical ones, no why? Why haven't you seen enough of what's going on here to see that the Sorrows don't need to butcher the white legs for a piece of land or Joshua wants is more than an attack.

He wants a Slaughter and means more than you and the dead horses to do it.

The Sorrows can't be pushed into this you and Joshua don't have the right to force them into it.

Please consider what I'm saying this is the way the world is, they are part of it, whether you like it or not no.

This is how we made the world, and we brought it to them.

Now with the decision made, we start the battle for Zion Valley side by side with Joshua.

Thank you for this.

I know, Daniel doesn't approve.

But destroying the white legs is the only way to ensure the Sorrows can remain in Zion you and I will lead a group of dead horse Warriors and Sorrows Hunters into three Mary's from this position.

Our objective is to find the white legs leader salt upon wounds and prevent him from fleeing Show, No Quarter to the white legs.

We come across make no mistake about why we are here.

This is an extermination God be with you.

Now with Joshua is our temporary companion we make our way through Zion Valley, Nae, naeing, any white legs would come across until we reach their home.

Once we make it there it's clear that the dead horses and Sorrows had already begun their assault before we can make it to Salt upon wounds.

However, our path gets blocked by a last-ditch effort of the white legs to repel the attack long enough for them to escape.

This is taking too long can't, let salt upon wounds, Escape I'm going to find a way around God willing.

We will finish this together now in the heart of the camp, we can see many of the dead horses and even Sorrows executing various white leg, Warriors, keeping true to Joshua's goal of a Slaughter.

We warned you at Syracuse.

And you persisted you took advantage of us at New Canaan to drive us out and like the dogs of Caesar You Are, followed us to Zion.

And now you stand on Holy Ground a temple to God's glory on Earth.

The only use for an animal in our Temple sacrifice kale watching a conservable.

You understand me don't, you don't you in a plea of desperation salt upon wounds asks for the Player's intervention.

If the player has a sneering imperialist perk, the player can dismiss this and ask Joshua to just get it over with by Cocker.

You devil there, that's, it it's finished when they hear what happened here.

The white legs will crawl back to their Great Salt Lake.

Now, with the battle over Joshua ordered, the tribals to burn the bodies of the white legs as those remaining ran away in fear after seeing salt upon wounds die.

This, however, is not the best ending for either the Sorrows or Joshua himself as the Sorrows learned that Mercy is for the weak after seeing what Joshua did to those that threatened him turning the Sorrows into ruthless Warriors, no better than the Raiders of the Mojave and Joshua into more or less the same ruthless General.

He was under Caesar at first.

It seems that maybe Daniel would have been right in trying to escape.

If we do side with Daniel, we learn that the Escape didn't go off without a hitch as Daniel had hoped not only did many more Sorrows die.

But many others were also captured by the white legs, the only way to save the Sorrows now is to take the fight to them like Joshua had intended in the beginning, freeing all captured sorrows and killing every single white leg, terrorizing, the flame tribals, including salt upon wounds.

Only then with this additional great effort does Daniels plan to escape kind of work as the weakened white legs were unable to pursue the sorrows with a violent pushback from the dead horses in this ending, the dead horses flourish as the Sorrows are burdened to a harsh Readjustment to their new surroundings.

While this ending may be the best even Daniel.

Its creator is uncertain.

If the deaths of many Sorrows were worth the innocence of those that survived Joshua Graham is forever known, not as a religious man, but as a war chief to the dead horses.

So if Daniel's plan even with a large amount of intervention by Joshua isn't, the good ending for the Sorrows or the burned man, what is the good ending? If you remember back to just before the execution of salt upon wounds, were able to speak with Joshua after saltapon wounds, plea for Mercy don't, listen to this thing.

His cries are those of a Mad Beast caught in a Thicket.

He gave no mercy to my family and I will give none to his here, provided with a high enough speech skill we're able to get Joshua to admit, his sinful desire, he has a debt to pay for what he's done and I've come to collect and so he's chosen to cower in the water like a dumb animal.

Instead encouraging Joshua to let go of his selfish desire for revenge and to let salt upon wounds, be killed by the hand of God.

Instead I want to take from them what they took from me from my family in this life, I want them to suffer I want all of them to die in fear and pain I want to have my revenge against him against Caesar I want to call it my own to make my anger, God's anger to justify the things I've done.

Sometimes I tell myself that these wildfires never stop burning, but I'm.

The one who starts them, not God, not them I can always see it in my mind, the warmth and the heat it will always be a part of me.

But not today go get out of here grow back back to the Great Salt, Lake, that's.

It it's finished.

Thank you for staying with me.

I couldn't have done this on my own let's.

Go find Daniel tomorrow we'll be here soon.

And there is much to do to get Joshua to admit.

His wrath is the fifth highest speech check in the game for a very good reason, convincing someone to not take revenge on the killer of their family could only be done if they were as religious as Joshua is by letting salt upon wounds, go and not breaking scripture Joshua is placing his full faith in the Lord to show them wrath in the afterlife.

And while unburned Joshua would have gladly taken place in sinful revenge like moments ago.

Burned Joshua has been baptized twice once in water.

Once in flame renouncing his service to sin, deep down, Joshua doesn't want to break his covenants to God.

He wants to be with his family in Eternal salvation.

So as God did to Joshua Joshua did assault upon wounds.

The broken white legs would end up falling victim to the same fate that it subjugated onto others.

O daughter of Babylon, who are to be destroyed? Happy shall he be that rewardeth thee as thou has served us? The Sorrows would end up much like the dead horses before battle.

However, due to Joshua's Mercy, they would keep a small bit of their innocence as Daniel had hoped as for Joshua himself I'd like for the narrator to tell you as I could not do it better myself.

The threat of the white legs ended Joshua Graham helped the sorrows and dead horses tend to their fallen comrades and secure Zion.

The Courier's words had stayed Joshua's wrath in his Darkest Hour and in sparing salt upon wounds.

He was changed while he continued to Advocate militant opposition to the enemies of New Canaan.

He sometimes showed quarter to those who crossed his family.

Eventually, this new spirit would diminish the myth of the burned man in distant lands, a small price for the peace.

It brought to Joshua Graham, No, Cap Daniel.

He is cringe, I hate hippies.


Is Joshua Graham Religious? ›

Joshua Graham is a Mormon from New Canaan who details his faith and other religious beliefs. Daniel is a Christian missionary living among the tribes with Joshua Graham, and the Courier can learn about his views on the religion.

Who voices Joshua Graham? ›

Keith Szarabajka: Joshua Graham - Honest Hearts DLC.

How do you get Joshua Graham armor? ›

It is found in the footlocker that the player character appears in front of at the end of Honest Hearts, or it can be taken from Joshua Graham's corpse if he is killed.

Where can I find Joshua Graham? ›

After a long and troubled life, Joshua Graham finally found rest in Zion.

Can Christians play Fallout 4? ›

Aside from the awkwardly tragicomic Atomites, the game isn't really hostile to religion. Rather, Fallout 4 bears no trace of the divine or any interest in it. (It's worth noting that there were muted but significant Christian elements in the previous two titles in the series.)

What religion are the Grahams? ›

Billy Graham
The Reverend Billy Graham
DenominationBaptist (Southern Baptist Convention)
SpouseRuth Bell ​ ​ ( m. 1943; died 2007)​
Children5, including Anne and Franklin
19 more rows

What DLC is Joshua Graham in? ›

Joshua Graham is a protagonist and ally to The Courier in the Fallout: New Vegas DLC Honest Hearts.

Who is Joshua Graham wife? ›

LN Weddings & Engagements. Meredith Jane Cooper and Joshua Delton Graham were married Jan.

Who voiced Joshua Sweet? ›

Phil Morris provided the voice of Sweet.

What gun does Joshua Graham use? ›

As a companion, Joshua Graham will use this weapon when prompted to use Melee Weapons. As the name implies, it is Graham's unique . 45 Auto pistol, A Light Shining in Darkness, held by the barrel and used to "pistol-whip" enemies with the butt end of the gun.

How did Joshua Graham live? ›

I survived because the fire inside burned brighter than the fire around me.” Graham survived the descent and woke up the following day, burned and broken, but alive. Eventually, the fallen Legate crawled out of the northern edge of the Grand Canyon and began his journey home.

Can Joshua Graham be a companion? ›

Adds Joshua Graham as a fully voiced permanent companion in an immersive and seamless way.

Why is Joshua Graham popular? ›

What Made Joshua Graham a Fan-Favorite Character. Fans do not love Joshua Graham because he is a good person; what draws fans to this character is how he survived a fall from the top of the Grand Canyon while on fire, now living in excruciating pain every day.

Which courier was Joshua Graham expecting? ›

1 He Expected Ulysses To Come After Him

Graham says he anticipated another courier arriving in Zion rather than the player, expecting that Ulysses would be sent to assassinate him.

What is Joshua Graham's personality? ›

The player gets to know Graham as a calm and collected individual with high faith. Although his body is completely covered in bandages, his husky voice and steel-grey eyes make him a charismatic person.

What religion is Prophet TB Joshua? ›

Temitope Balogun Joshua (12 June 1963 – 5 June 2021), popularly known as T. B. Joshua, was a Nigerian charismatic pastor, televangelist, and philanthropist. He was the leader and founder of Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), a Christian megachurch that runs the Emmanuel TV television station from Lagos.

What religion is Calvary Assembly of God? ›

There are more than 67 million members worldwide, making the Assemblies of God the world's largest Pentecostal denomination. Our local church began as a home church in 1987.

What religion is the Book of Joshua? ›

Book of Joshua, Joshua also spelled Josue, the sixth book of the Bible, which, along with Deuteronomy, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, and 1 and 2 Kings, belongs to a tradition of Jewish history and law, called Deuteronomic, that was first committed to writing about 550 bce, during the Babylonian Exile.

Did Graham Greene believe in God? ›

Greene was an agnostic, but was baptised into the Catholic faith in 1926 after meeting his future wife Vivien Dayrell-Browning.

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