The Third Wish [ Full Game ] Walkthrough Guide (No Commentary) (2024)


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[ The Third Wish is a sci-fi point & click adventure about a family and fate and consequence. Full voice acting, items & puzzles.

Altair 4. A planet 17 light years from Earth, containing one Mr. and Mrs. White who run a moisture farm for an unconcerned company at the far edge of explored space.

Today is like any other in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. White but tonight they entertain a guest with a particular artifact that will test the limit of their belief in fate. ]

My review:
The Third Wish is a short and sweet point and click adventure game. Reminds me heavily of The Twilight Zone so that adds 10 bonus points. The beginning sections are very directionless but other than that definitely worth playing. 7/10
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Altair 4 a planet, 17 light years from Earth containing one Mr and Mrs White who run a moisture farm for an unconcerned company at the far edge of explored space today is like any other in the lives of Mr and Mrs White.

But tonight they entertain a guest with a particular artifact that will test the limit of their belief in fate father good morning off to another day at the mall and Megan's Factory with Lark I'll, get promoted soon.

Your mother would be very happy.

Watch out for sand cats on your way to the factory I will see you tonight for a game of chess I look forward to it are the sand cats back again, yes, I saw one on the North Ridge yesterday, I'll be careful you'll be dead.

Just kidding, just be careful I've been practicing, you know, that's, good.

Your mother thinks I can't beat.

You never argue with mother, bye time to get to work and earn more moisture credits.

No time for rest I got work to do better check the shed pressing.

The button does nothing status updates for my equipment.

No power means no moisture extraction.

And that means no moisture credits the turbine powers and moisture extractors.

Pressing a button does nothing an old dusty 300 year, old, Commodore, 64 computer.

Damn thing still works busy.

Otherwise I'd be tempted to fire up a classic it's, locked forget where I put the key come on Megan's leases Farmland to settlers in exchange for extracting moisture.

They can sell to others giving these moisture extractors.

Going is my primary job.

The turbine breaker trips right back off again, a moisture extractor farming moisture from a desert makes sense, the turbine, the Workhorse of the farm Powers.

Everything got it.

Thank you.

My Sawzall, my locker key, not much else in there I travel, light, it's, unlocked My, Revolver, it's, empty back to work blasted sand cats, nothing.

But a nuisance much as I may want to shoot the thing.

My wife would never forgive me all right let's give this a try Steady.

Aim high end had him on the run.

But no good let's make this shot.

Count, steady steady gave him something to think about, hopefully, they stay clear of the area, a while damn it's all tore up, oh, getting too old for this there.

We go I cut out the damaged part of the cable I Define cutting work.

If you ask me, what am I supposed to do with a gaping hole in the cable? This generator keeps the moisture Farm running it Powers.

Everything what am I those sand cats? Did a number? Nah, nah I should foreign there, I've patched and repaired the power cable.

No good need to fix the cable in place.

Somehow, hmm, repaired power cable.

Those items.

Don't come by kicking around the dirt isn't.

My idea nothing there, but sand cat, turds, it's, an empty hole it's, an empty hole kicking around the dirt isn't.

My idea of fun, son of a gun, a power coupling sand.

Cats have been busy a universal I attached a coupling to the end of the cable.

Hmm, I can attach one end of the cable, but not the other kicking around son of a gun, a power coupling I attached a coupling to the other end of the cable foreign ER is back online and generating power pressing the button.

The turbine breaker is reset and staying put should be fine.

The turbine is back online and generating power.

Finally, my work day is over time to relax.

Hello, father time for chess.

See you inside? Okay, Father and Son were once again at chess, the former who tried his best to be competitive.

And now employed radical strategies out of desperation was always beaten by the latter Checkmate I.

Win again is this even fun for you anymore? Never mind.

Dear, perhaps you'll, win the next one.

Your friend wells will be here soon if he shows that's the problem living way out here at the ass end of space, Mr White's old friend, Wells enters the house, and they all gather around for Galactic Tales from the old space, traitor.

How long have we known one? Another it's been 30 years you headed off as a galactic Trader and I set up as a moisture farmer.

Wow, a galactic Trader I should like to travel the Galaxy myself someday better where you are now to see the rings of Antares and the moons of corellia anything with this Dusty old rock, right? What was it? You started telling me the other day something about a monkey's paw.

Nothing least wise nothing worth hearing.

Monkeys paw, well, it's just a bit of what you might call Magic.

Perhaps I could do with a drink, got it I need something more coming right up.

Thank you.

This will hit the spot.

Now where were we to look at it? It's, just an ordinary little mummified paw, ghastly who would want such a thing? I, don't know, mother it's kind of neat what's so special about it first off it's from old Earth somewhere in India.

So it's, hundreds of years old, Story, Goes at an old fact here put a spell on it.

Yes, please go on the fakira wanted to show that fate ruled people's lives and those that interfered risked consequences.

So what was the spell? The fact here cast a spell granting, three wishes to anyone who possessed the Paw? You really believe it Grant's wishes.

Wells did you use the poor were your wishes? Granted I did and my wishes were granted and has anyone else used the poor a man prior to me had his three wishes.

Yes, I don't know what the first two were.

But a third was for death, that's.

How I got the poor I need? Another drink got it I have a glass already coming right up? Those are memories of this nasty business.

Now, where were we foreign if you've had your wishes? Why do you keep it fancy I? Suppose I, don't know, if you could have more wishes? Would you I? Don't know, I just don't know, after a few moments of Silent reflection Wells takes the Paw and flings it across the room.

10 things should be destroyed and thrown in the trash.

If you don't want it give it to me, I, won't, I intend to destroy it got it I, threw it away if you keep it don't blame me for what happens? How do you do it? How does it work? You just hold it and use it and make a wish aloud? But I warn you of the consequences you think you might wish me, an extra pair of hands working this Farm is hard work or a job promotion for me damned Fool, If You must wish wish for something sensible with that.

Well said, his goodbyes.

And once again, cautioned his friend to destroy the Paw as he left the house.

Thank you.

What would you wish for father Yes? What will you wish for what a curious ugly little thing? What should I wish for you could wish for an end to the drought? Maybe? But the company would just find another way to make us earn money for them suggestions how much is left on the farm it's.

Not a lot is it about 200 water credits not much couple seasons thoughts, a million water credits may as well.

Go big.

It seems to me, I have all I want we're happy right? Yes.

We are what do you think father wish to be star system Chancellor to begin with then you have all the power you ever need I have all the power I need or want would you wish for me? I'd wish to be famous and Rich I, don't know what to wish for and that's a fact anything else? What if you paid off the farm you'd be happy, then, hmm, I, don't know what to wish for and that's? A fact it seems to me, I've got all I want, but I've made a decision tell us.

Yes, what will you wish for? Nah, nah? What a cure no point? Nah, nah, I wish for 200 water, credits I.

Ah, moved as I wished it twisted in my hands like a snake.

Well, I don't, see any money how any climactic never mind, no harm done.

But it gave me a shock.

Well, dear I'm off to bed me, too good night.

The next morning they sat around the breakfast table and joked about the tales of old space Traders.

They felt a little silly, but had an entertaining evening Herbert left for work and Mr and Mrs.

White had a rare afternoon away from the labor of the moisture Farm betting moved in my hand, I'll swear to it.

You thought it did we all got a little carried away in the moment, what's, the matter there's a strange man outside looks like a company uniform let's see what he wants.

Probably here to complain about quotas again, I was asked to call I come from Moore and Megan's is anything.

The matter has anything happened to Herbert let's, not jump to conclusions.


Sorry, is he hurt badly hurt, but he is not in any pain.

Oh, thank God.

What happened he was caught in the Machinery.

Oh God, no caught in the Machinery.


What now the company wished me to convey their sincere sympathy with you for your great loss, I beg that you will understand that I am only their servant and merely obeying orders orders.

What orders I was to say that Ma and Megan's disclaim all responsibility.

They admit, no liability.

But in consideration of your son's Services, they wish me to present you with a certain sum as compensation how much 200 water credits.

Oh, my God 200.


in a company, Cemetery, two miles, distant, Mr and Mrs, White buried.

Their only son as the days passed with hardly a word exchanged denial led to acceptance.

And finally, dull, resignation aren't.

You cold it's, colder for my son.

It was an accident, the monkey's paw, where is it? What are you talking about I? Only just thought of it? Why didn't I think of it before think of what the other two wishes? We only had one was that not enough.

Go get the Paw and wish our boy alive again, I will not you will you have to we had the first wish granted.

It will work foreign I couldn't, tell you this before, but I saw her.

But before the funeral, the Machinery you wouldn't recognize him I'm.

His mother, do you think I? Fear.

The child I nursed get the Paw get it now got it wish mess is foolish wish I wish our son alive again, time passed in Silence with the two just standing there.

The old man relieved nothing had happened.

The old woman, looking hopefully out the window what's that it will Sandstorm.

Kicking you turbot it's, Herbert for God's sake, don't, let it in I'm coming Herbert.

The doorboat it's jammed, I'm, coming Herbert.

Stop it's.

Not Herbert help me open this door.

Damn it stop it's.

Not Herbert help me open this stuff.

Nah got it the door? Booked it's jammed, I wish, Yourself, Dead, Again, Arabic, there's.


There I'll tear 4.

a planet, 17 light years from Earth containing one Mr and Mrs White who tempted fate and made light of consequences.

And in the process learned a terrible lesson, a lesson that is universal and spans the universe tonight Mr and Mrs White learned the most terrible lesson of all be careful what you wish for.

The Third Wish [ Full Game ] Walkthrough Guide (No Commentary) (2024)
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