Should You Master a Division or Play Them All? Steel Division 2 (2023)


Should you focus on getting good with a few divisions or trying to play them all to improve fastest? We examine this question today in a quick discussion!

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We have a little discussion about whether you should try to be a jack of all divisions or a master of a few.

And what are the pros and cons of that, and what you should focus on as a newer player to try to improve the fastest and do you know, be the most successful when playing steel division 2.

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So this is just going to be a like a little discussion to kind of give you some thoughts.

I have about these two different, uh approaches to the game.

So at this point, we have 80 some divisions in the game or 70 something I don't know, a ton just just tons of divisions like there's, just so many and it's great.

Oh, I love it and there's more coming.

We got the new hungarian romanian thing coming on.

And you know, another nemesis, I hope they keep adding.

I, you know how I feel about this game.

This game is so great.

And I hope they keep supporting it like they have been.

I mean, take my money, sure go for it.

Take it.

All I love it, um, you know.

So 80 some divisions is a lot.

You know, when the game started, I think there were like 20, some maybe even less, um.

And it wasn't hard to master all the divisions, because there wasn't that much variety in the game.

Now there's a lot, you know and it's hard to you're.

Never gonna master all these.

You know, there's a couple of those really really great players that we all know and love who could pick up, basically any division and and just do amazing things with it.

But for the majority of us for for the normal people like you me, and you know, everyone I run into ladder.

Usually, you know, we're not going to get to a point where every single division sits in our hands and just wrecks people with it right? So, you know, you have two options here.

And a lot of people argue, you know, you talk to the high level players.

And I did this for a while, and they were like, you know, you got to play all the divisions.

This is how you get better.

You got to give yourself divisions that aren't as good, or you know that you you don't like as much, and this will help you improve.

The logic is there.

The logic is sound, right? You know, you play different divisions.

You get how you learn how the game works.

You learn how different units interact and all kinds of.

And that really does is important, right? You know, you get better at these things I'm, a music teacher, that's like what I do in my day job.

And I play a lot of instruments.

You know, I play about eight or nine instruments, well, and then many other instruments after that not very well.

And you know, after I learned the first one learning more of them, definitely made me feel like I improved at all of them in a general sense because I was improving as a musician in a general sense.

So you know, improving playing all the divisions would help you improve playing any specific division, of course, and and there's, definitely logic to that on the flip side on the counter argument to this by mastering a singular division or mastering just a couple divisions.

You really get to know that division you get to know how all those units specifically interact with everything else in the game.

And this improves you very rapidly at those few divisions.

And what that then does is you actually win, you know, you actually start to win a little bit more consistently, which is nice, you know, and it makes us feel better.

And it makes you more motivated to play the game, which I personally think is a really important factor, because every you know anything in this sort of vein is a grind right? You got to grind to get better.

You got to practice get good and just takes time.

And by getting really good at this a couple divisions, you then experience success faster, right instead of being hopping around to all these divisions.

So which should you consider doing it's hard to say, me, personally, I've come to the belief that I think it is better to actually master a couple different divisions and really drill down and get good at those divisions.

Um, you know, have four to six divisions that you play a lot and really learn and master.

And I feel like those skills actually transfer over really really well then to learning more divisions right? So, you know, those skills that you start to master, and you can actually start to get to higher levels of skill because you're not just fumbling around with different divisions.

All the time you're getting good.

You know, the units.

So that you're not worried about that like, you know, when things happen in game you're not thinking, oh, what should I call in here? You know, you know what your division has, you know, what answers you got? So instead of worrying about that you're worrying about micro you're worrying about overarching, large strategy, moves and things of that nature.

So like you're, not so held up in the decision, making of the division because you're confident in the units you have there.

And I think that's a big difference.

You know, when you keep trying all these new divisions you're, not actually getting comfortable with anyone you're constantly thinking crap.

What does this division have that can respond to an is-2? You know, what does that what division what does the division have to respond to really good infantry? In this case, you know, so like I think that drilling down with a couple really solid divisions is more effective at actually getting better at the game faster, okay and it.

And once you get good at that, once you master a couple divisions, and you actually start to get more confident your micro skills and your like general gaming skills of the game then use expand.

Then you start just trying out different divisions, putting yourself in more challenging positions to expand your knowledge and mastery of the game in a general sense, knowing all the divisions being able to pick up any division and actually like play it semi successfully with the skills you built, mastering a singular division that's.

The logic, I have kind of come to now.

One thing I definitely want to argue against is mastering only a single faction.

Now, I'm sure, if you watch the channel a lot, you know, I play more access.


And people are going to call me a variable, whatever I don't really care.

It has nothing to do with that.

I like the play style of the axis divisions.

I like the longer range infantry.

I like the higher penetration tanks.

I just like the way access divisions play generally speaking.

But when I've gone to master a couple divisions, get really good at a couple of divisions.

I made sure to actually include some allied divisions.

So that I get used to playing from that side and can use the different strengths of the allies to my advantage.

Now if you don't know, the strengths and weaknesses of the acts now, as you can watch my video, where I break down, what is, you know, which what do allies do really well? What do axes do really? Well? I forgot the video is called axes versus allies, or something which divisions what fraction is better, because each faction does have general strengths and weaknesses.

You know, certain divisions to buck the trend.

But overall axis is slower.

They have better long range power.

They have better longer range tanks things of that nature.

The allies are faster.

Their cqc infantry are way stronger than that when the axes are on the general sense, you know that their tanks are a little like more cqc get up and personal shorter range kind of stuff.

But you know, these are generalities, but by learning how to play on both sides, then you really are getting better and also gives you the variety to play on different maps.

Right? If you ever want to go competitive and play say league or a monthly tournament or something you got to be able to play different divisions like if you only play access divisions, and you've only mastered a couple panzer divisions.

The second you fall on a map like cell, you know, or even like orsia, north you're, not going to have the tools to win your divisions, just won't hold up very well there and you're going to have to pick a division you're not comfortable with.

So I would strongly suggest picking a variety of division, you know, pick up panzer division pick a tank division pick an infantry division pick.

You know, a swarmy division pick a higher quality division, whatever, you know and and mix it up and try to master visions that are applicable to many different situations, not just certain specific maps.


Just master 16th, panzer 20th, panzer, gren, 21st, panzer and third, guards tank or whatever, you know, like heavy tank division like that's, not the way to go also don't, just master the third vdv and rukhmarupana and unternehmen russell splung.

You know, like infantry, like no tank only kind of things like because the second you fall into slits or something you're going to have a hard time winning those matches, you know, try to pick a variety and try to break out of your favorite faction.

Okay, I I get that.

I I do.

I much prefer playing the axis division the actions divisions.

I like the way they play, but it's important to get over into that allied side experience that.

And if you're just now, I'd like to get over the exercise see what the strengths are.

So you know when you're playing against them, you know, what you're looking to take advantage of, you know what you need to put your guys in.

So my suggestion to you pick some divisions, you like pick a pick some divisions that kind of fit with your play style that you feel like you've had success with.

If you had success with none of them, go watch the best divisions tier list video and find what are the best ones and pick some of the best ones like you don't have to make this hard on yourself by picking garbage divisions.

I shouldn't even call them gar.

There's, really, not many garbage divisions, but picking lower tier missing things, more challenging divisions and grinding your way through those start with strong ones.

You know, start with ones that have a lot of tools.

Second, infantry, uh, 17th.

Ss, uh, 20th, panzer, grand 26th pa.

I did not sorry, 20th, panzer, 26th, panzer, um, you know any any of the ones that just have all the 44 strelky, um, 26, stroke, you know, any of these ones that have just all the tools you kind of need to do well.

These are the ones you want to be aiming for to start and then build up your skills with these divisions that have all the tools you need and then expand into the ones that are maybe missing things are not as strong in certain areas and learning those strengths and weaknesses.

I just think you're going to have a lot more success going that way.

So my suggestion to you find some good divisions master them and then apply those skills outwards from there to other divisions to expand your abilities.

Thanks for watching guys.

Hope you guys enjoyed this light discussion here, if you did hit that like button, subscribe and consider supporting on patreon, it means a lot, and it helps you get.

I can help you get better at steel division too.

Thanks guys have a fantastic day.


How long to beat Steel Division 2? ›

Main Story116h 13m
All PlayStyles116h 13m

Is Steel Division 2 accurate? ›

Steel Division 2 is a historically-accurate WW2 real-time strategy game set on the Eastern Front.

What is the strongest weapon in Division 2? ›

The 15 Best Weapons In The Division 2
  1. 1 ACR Rifle.
  2. 2 M1A (CQB) Rifle. ...
  3. 3 AUG A3 SMG. ...
  4. 4 SVD Sniper Rifle. ...
  5. 5 Vector SMG. ...
  6. 6 AKM Assault Rifle. ...
  7. 7 D50 Pistol. ...
  8. 8 P416 Assault Rifle. ...
Aug 29, 2022

What is the easiest hunter in Division 2? ›

Once you activated that one too, stepping back into the SHD circle around the first switch will spawn Ghost. This is the easiest Hunter fight because you can rely on your NPC friends at the Control Point to chip in.

What is the hardest boss in Division 2? ›

What is the hardest boss in Division 2?
  • 1 Outcast Tank. Perhaps the most nightmarish unit in this game is the Outcast Tank.
  • 2 True Sons Heavy Gunner. ...
  • 3 Warhound. ...
  • 4 Black Tusk Sniper. ...
  • 5 Black Tusk Controllers. ...
  • 6 Outcast Heavy. ...
  • 7 Black Tusk Heavy Gunner. ...
  • 8 True Sons Sniper. ...

What is the best infantry unit in steel Division 2? ›

Best Infantry Units

S.MG 42: This is a machine-gun unit with Schweres MG 42 considered to be the most important infantry unit in the game. The main strategy would be not to support other units with it, but to protect this unit from the assault. Jäger MG 42: This is an alternative to S.MG 42 unit with similar stats.

What does difficulty do in steel Division 2? ›

The AI difficulty is a game setting in Steel Division 2 that allows players to compete against AI opponents in skirmish mode matched to their skills and desire for challenge.

What is the strongest panzer tank? ›

The Panther is often believed to be the best German tank of the Second World War. When the Germans invaded Russia in June 1941, they were surprised by the quantity and quality of Soviet armour.

What class is best for tank? ›

Information. For Main Tanks the top class is either Dragonknight or Arcanist. They are both equally able to be the top class but for different reasons. In most cases the Dragonknight is always useful for a Main Tank spot in a group for the Stagger buff and if needed the other buffs too.

Is it hard to learn Steel Division? ›

It is difficult and the learning curve is steep. It will take a lot of practice to get good. The reason others are already good at this game, is there are games that came before this that are similar (the Wargame series). Play a lot, learn from mistakes, watch replays of people who play well.

What gun does the best damage Division 2? ›

Chameleon, Police M4, FAMAS 2010, Carbine 7, and P416 are some of the best Assault Rifles available in all combat scenarios in The Division 2. While it is imperative to defeat enemies faster, these are potent in dealing significant damage while providing a fast enough firing rate.

Which faction drops Steel Division 2? ›

Steel Locations

You can get Steelfrom the True Sons Faction members you kill. These enemies can be easily identified since they wear vests, bandanas, or helmets. They are led by Antwon Ridgeway and you can find them in greater numbers around Capitol Hill. Some True Sons Faction gang members, also drop Carbon Fiber.

What is the best skill in Division 2? ›

Assault Turret or Striker Drone Skills

The very first skill The Division 2 solo players should unlock should be either the Assault Turret or the Striker Drone. Functionally, these skills are somewhat similar, allowing players to deploy a gadget that can effectively act as an extra teammate.

What is the best AR in Division 2? ›

The Division 2: 7 Best Assault Rifles, Ranked
  • 7 Carbine 7.
  • 6 Police M4.
  • 5 P416.
  • 4 CTAR-21.
  • 3 MK16.
  • 2 F2000.
  • 1 FAMAS 2010.
Jun 1, 2023

What do you get for killing all the hunters in Division 2? ›

Along with dropping the Division 2 masks, eight of the 12 hunters will also drop one of the Division 2 Ivory Keys used to open the crate inside the White House. Read on for information on how to spawn and kill every one of the Division 2 hunters and obtain all 12 Division 2 masks.

Is Hunter better than Gunslinger? ›

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, Hunters have a slight advantage when it comes to melee combat—but only when the Gunslingers are using a controller. When using a controller in Gunslinger, it can be hard to use the right stick for aiming while at the same time holding it down to prime a heavy attack.

How to get World Tier 1 in Division 2? ›

The end-game is organized into World Tiers. Each Tier has a corresponding max Gear Score (GS), which represents the maximum score of the loot in that Tier. To reach World Tier 1: Reach Level 30.

Who are the bad guys in The Division 2? ›

Aaron Keener, also known by his call-sign Vanguard, is the main antagonist in the Ubisoft game's Tom Clancy's The Division franchise, appearing as the overarching antagonist in Tom Clancy's The Division and Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and the main antagonist in The Division 2: Warlords of New York.

How long does division 2 take to beat? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is about 26 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 93½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the max level in Division 2? ›

The Division 2 has a level cap of 30, which you should hit by the time you've finished all the missions and a few of the extra activities dotted around the map.

What infantry unit sees the most combat? ›

Since 2002, the 10th Mountain Division has been the most deployed regular Army unit. Its combat brigades have seen over 20 deployments, to both Iraq and Afghanistan, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

What is the most powerful sniper in The Division 2? ›

The Division 2 Nemesis is an exotic sniper rifle that marks itself out as one of the best weapons in The Division 2, and certainly one of the best Division 2 Exotics. After all, who doesn't love sniping? All firepower of a normal gun, but you stand too far away for anybody to hit you.

Which infantry is the best? ›

Marine ground combat

Infantry Marines are trained as the deadliest fighting force in the world. They operate in light armor, close combat units across a range of military operations.

How do you unlock legendary in the Division 2? ›

Simply approach the entrance and select the Mission Options button. By completing Warlords of New York and reaching Level 40, you can also unlock Legendary difficulty, Global difficulty and Directives.

What is legendary difficulty Division 2? ›

Legendary Difficulty is the highest difficulty for the main missions. In Tom Clancy's The Division all enemies are replaced with Legendary LMB squads that have a shield behind their icon; highlighting their increased strength.

Does difficulty affect loot Division 2? ›

And one more questionn…if you die (using adrenalin shot or respawn at safe house) during rival battle - does this affect what rivals drops? Difficulty does not affect loot drops, only the amount of health Machines have, and the damage they do.

How to get rich in Guild Wars 2? ›

Guild Wars 2: 10 Best Ways To Earn Gold In The Game
  1. 1 META Map Event Farming. Required Level: 80 (Usually)
  2. 2 Get Trade Post Flipping. ...
  3. 3 Convert Currency (Not Just Gems) ...
  4. 4 Brave The Fractals. ...
  5. 5 Get On The World Bosses/Champions Train. ...
  6. 6 Sell Crafting Materials. ...
  7. 7 Complete Those Dailies Regularly. ...
  8. 8 Keep A Bag-Opener. ...
Dec 14, 2021

What is the easiest leveling class in Guild Wars 2? ›

Guardian, Ranger, and Necromancer in their Core builds are the easiest and most forgivable classes for a beginner.

Is the Panzer IV better than the Sherman? ›

By Kevin Hymel. The German Panzer-kampf-wagen V (Panther) tank was superior to the American M4 Sherman in almost every respect, but it could not guarantee victory at every encounter. The Germans knew that their Panther, with its balanced design of firepower, mobility, and crew protection, was their best armored vehicle ...

What is the deadliest tank? ›

Russia's T-14 is considered the most advanced tank in the world. Composite by Coffee or Die Magazine. Russia has the largest stockpile of tanks in the world, and 1,200 of them are staged near the Ukrainian border. The most formidable Russian tank may be the T-14 Armata, but how does it match up against American armor?

Was the T-34 better than the Panzer? ›

German tank guns proved to be somewhat ineffective at greater range and within the lethality envelope of the F-34 tank gun used by the T-34 and KV-1. Generally, the T-34 outclassed the existing Panzer III and short-barreled Panzer IV medium tanks.

What race is best for tank build? ›

The best race currently for Tanking in The Elder Scrolls Online is Nord or Imperial. Both Races have strong tank-focused passives including increased Health, Stamina, Mitigation, Sustain and Utility.

What tank for Dragonflight? ›

Tank Tier List for Season 2 of Mythic+ in Dragonflight
  • Protection Paladin (S-Tier)
  • Vengeance Demon Hunter (S-Tier)
  • Protection Warrior (A-Tier)
  • Brewmaster Monk (A-Tier)
  • Blood Death Knight (B-Tier)
  • Guardian Druid (B-Tier)

Is tanking harder than DPS? ›

DPS is the easiest because you have no responsibility. If the Healer and Tank are good they don't even need you there, and if they're bad your contribution won't make enough difference to matter.

How hard is steel assault? ›

Steel Assault is a pretty simple game. You play as a badass good guy whose job is to kill the badass bad guys, and you do so by violently blowing up a lot of minions, ninjas, and mech suits with the power of a lightning whip. It's hard. Like, really hard.

Is Steel Division 2 good for single player? ›

Steel division is a cool, great looking strategy game, but it is also a very player skill based game and if you went into multiplayer matches right away neither you nor your enemy would have any fun at all. so yeah this is great for singleplayer.

Can you control units in Steel Division 2? ›

In the bottom right corner, you can find the interface for unit controls. It allows you to give orders to your troops, as well as deactivating their weapons.

What is the best named SMG in The Division 2? ›

1) Lady Death. Considered the best pick when it comes to SMGs, Lady Death is highly picked for its speed boost. Its unique buff increases its users' movement speed, allowing for quickly getting through farming runs. It's also highly popular in PvP, where being able to move fast can count for a high advantage.

What is the easiest exotic weapon to get in Division 2? ›

How to unlock the Taste of the Exotic achievement. As of the Tidal Basin update, there are three craftable exotic weapons. First and *easiest* is the Kendra's Liberty. This is really easy if you have already acquired a high end D50 and held onto it, as the parts needed to craft it are guaranteed drops.

Should I sell or dismantle gear Division 2? ›

While selling can get you some quick cash, dismantling all your old gear is usually the way to go.

Should I dismantle or sell Division 2? ›

It is best to dismantle everything as much as possible in order to max out all of the crafting components you have. You can craft some really useful mods and gear that make it much better than having to pay for stuff, which is never as good.

Where can I find steel in Division 2? ›

Steel Locations

You can get Steelfrom the True Sons Faction members you kill. These enemies can be easily identified since they wear vests, bandanas, or helmets. They are led by Antwon Ridgeway and you can find them in greater numbers around Capitol Hill. Some True Sons Faction gang members, also drop Carbon Fiber.

How can I get steel fast? ›

However, just in case you don't know all the quick ways to get a load of steel yet, it's really simple: Break all the pots in the Story Mode (if you need help finding them, go to this guide), complete the Story Mode on Hard or Realistic, and complete the Warrior Trials tutorials found in the Training menu (note: you ...

Does the AI cheat in Steel Division 2? ›

AI still not cheating in normal mode, and only has availability & income bonus in Hard & Very hard. But no AI has omniscience. So, if it bombard, it means it has spotted a unit. Especially the artillery, which doesn't open fire until it has spotted a target AND consider it worthy enough.

What does difficulty do in Steel Division 2? ›

The AI difficulty is a game setting in Steel Division 2 that allows players to compete against AI opponents in skirmish mode matched to their skills and desire for challenge.

Where is the bullet King in Division 2? ›

The Bullet King can be acquired specifically from the end bosses Theo Parnell and James Dragov from their respective missions in Lower Manhattan, The Tombs and Wall Street. The drop rate is 1% starting from Normal difficulty, increasing in increments of 2% up until Heroic Difficulty at 7%.

Does steel get harder with age? ›

The most popular choices include stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metal alloys. All of these alloys are capable of becoming incredibly hard and strong through the aging process. Even copper, which is usually soft and ductile, can be transformed through the metal aging process.

How rare is steel? ›

Today, steel is one of the most commonly manufactured materials in the world, with more than 1.6 billion tons produced annually.

What is the best infantry unit in Steel Division 2? ›

Best Infantry Units

S.MG 42: This is a machine-gun unit with Schweres MG 42 considered to be the most important infantry unit in the game. The main strategy would be not to support other units with it, but to protect this unit from the assault. Jäger MG 42: This is an alternative to S.MG 42 unit with similar stats.

Is AI Dungeon infinite? ›

AI Dungeon now features uninterrupted unlimited play using the Griffin AI model at our basic speeds. It's important to us to provide an AI Dungeon to free and paid players, but the cost of AI has required us to limit free play through the use of energy, and more recently, ads.

Is AI Dungeon actually AI? ›

AI Dungeon is a text-based, AI generated fantasy simulation with infinite possibilities. Unlike most games where you experience worlds created by game designers, with AI Dungeon, you can direct the AI to create worlds, characters, and scenarios for your character to interact with.

What are the easiest exotics to get in Division 2? ›

First and *easiest* is the Kendra's Liberty. This is really easy if you have already acquired a high end D50 and held onto it, as the parts needed to craft it are guaranteed drops. However, the high end D50 itself is incredibly rare, so if you don't have one already move on to option two.

What is the fastest way to get titanium in The Division 2? ›

Killing enemies from the Outcasts faction is a good way to find titanium. There's a chance each foe will drop titanium when they die, and high-level enemies drop it more often than standard ones. To find Outcasts, just head to Outcasts-controlled zones on the map, and complete world events and missions.

What is the best way to farm sweet dreams in The Division 2? ›

To increase your chances of picking one up, play in a group and turn up the difficulty. If you're playing with friends, you can trade the weapon to someone else in the party and a player gets two. Friends also help missions go faster. You can play on either Hard or Challenging difficulty to increase your drop chance.

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