Identifying Courses of Action (2024)

Ethical Decision Making in School Mental Health

James C. Raines andNic T. Dibble



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Ethical Decision Making in School Mental Health

James C. Raines andNic T. Dibble


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James C. Raines,

James C. Raines

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Nic T. Dibble

Nic T. Dibble

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  • Published:

    September 2010


Raines, James C., and Nic T. Dibble, 'Identifying Courses of Action', Ethical Decision Making in School Mental Health, SSWAA Workshop Series (2010; online edn, Oxford Academic, 1 Jan. 2011),, accessed 13 Apr. 2024.





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Either-or dilemmas reduce the capacity of clinicians to manage ethical predicaments. Wise practitioners generate multiple courses of action prior to making a decision. It is important to consider the possible consequences to each course of action that is identified, including for all stakeholders. An important way to evaluate these different courses of action is to consider their congruence with commonly accepted moral principles. When working in pupil services, a professional's primary responsibility is to the student, however, there are also responsibilities that the practitioner has to the other stakeholders. Clinicians can help students improve their moral development by engaging them in ethical decision making, thus collaborative decision making should be the norm. In doing so, however, clinicians should assess the student's readiness to participate in ethical decision making. If students are too young, immature, cognitively delayed, or suffering from a mental illness, the practitioner should ensure parents are partners in the process.

Keywords: collaborative decision making, ethical predicaments, moral development, student readiness


Social Work Practice Settings Child and Adolescent Social Work

Collection: Oxford Scholarship Online

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