Enduring Issues Essay Examples, Definition and Writing Guide (2024)

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Enduring Issues Essay Examples: There are essays that focus on global issues facing a man. And one of such essays is the enduring issues essay. This type of essay is a written piece that explores an enduring issue deeply.In this article, you shall read about how to write an enduring essay.

Also, it’s based on historical evidence. And it involves your personal knowledge of social studies. Also, the issue you explore should be historically significant and have a long-lasting effect.

Also, some enduring essay examples will be given to guide you. However, before then, what is an enduring essay?

Meaning of Enduring Issues Essay

Before looking at some enduring essay examples, note. Enduring issue essay is a type of essay and a written piece that explores an enduring issue deeply. Also, it is the only type of essay to be included in the Global History and Geography II Regents Exam.

Additionally, it is a written task where you are to identify and describe a historically significant challenge that has endured across time and has been addressed with varying degrees of success.

9 Examples of Enduring Issues

Before looking at some enduring essay examples, note. The following are some examples of enduring issues:

  • Conflicts.
  • Cooperation.
  • Power.
  • Inequality.
  • Innovation.
  • Ideas and beliefs.
  • Environmental impact.
  • Scarcity.

How an Enduring Issues Essay Begins

Before looking at some enduring essay examples, note. The process of writing an essay on enduring issues starts with developing a thesis statement.

A thesis statement is a part of an academic or scientific paper’s introduction in which a writer establishes their argument and defines examples that will help them to defend the argument. Also, it should give one an idea of what their anchor paper will cover.

Furthermore, it can be longer than a single sentence. But college professors do not recommend making a thesis statement of more than three sentences. The formula looks this way: Thesis = Claim + Examples.

A Detailed Enduring Issues Essay Outline

Before looking at some enduring essay examples, note. Below is the outline of an enduring issues essay outline:

The Introductory Part

  • Reiterate the questions from the prompt.
  • Also, list the issues you think are common in at least three docs of your choice.
  • Additionally, present your claim. And say which issue is the most important in your opinion.
  • Furthermore, define the picked issue.
  • Also, indicate in which documents it manifests the most.

Body Sections

  • Part 1 — Describe how people have been affected by the issue. Give about 4 examples.
  • Part 2 — Also, explain how the issue has been changing and what forms it takes today.


  • Present counterclaim.
  • Also, reiterate your claim.

Final Writing Tips for Enduring Issues Essay

Before looking at some enduring essay examples, note. Below are some writing tips for enduring issues essay:

  • Your issue must be supported by evidence from credible documents or class material. As such, look for proof and use it to identify an enduring issue based on your findings.
  • Also, the list above is not an exhaustive one. If you think you found an issue that’s not listed there, don’t be afraid to write about it.
  • Furthermore, don’t choose the first category as your issue because it’s too general. Instead of “conflict,” go for “disputes over socioeconomic status

Some Enduring Issues Essay Examples

Below are some enduring issues essay examples:

Examples 1

October 21, 1932: Herbert Hoover Campaign Speech in Madison Square Garden, NYC
This campaign is more than a contest between two men. It is more than a contest between two parties. It is a contest between two philosophies of government. We are told by the opposition that we must have a change, that we must have a new deal.
It is not the change that comes from normal development of national life to which I object, but the proposal to alter the whole foundations of our national life which have been builded through generations of testing and struggle, and of the principles upon which we have builded the nation.
The expressions our opponents use must refer to important changes in our economic and social system and our system of government, otherwise they are nothing but vacuous words.

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And I realize that in this time of distress many of our people are asking whether our social and economic system is incapable of that great primary function of providing security and comfort of life to all of the firesides of our 25,000,000 homes in America.
Whether our social system provides for the fundamental development and progress of our people, whether our form of government is capable of originating and sustaining that security and progress.
This question is the basis upon which our opponents are appealing to the people in their fears and distress. They are proposing changes and so-called new deals, which would destroy the very foundations of our American system.

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Our people should consider the primary facts before they come to the judgment. Not merely through political agitation, the glitter of promise. And the discouragement of temporary hardships.
Whether they will support changes, which radically affect the whole system, which has been builded up by a hundred and fifty years of the toil of the fathers. They should not approach the question in the despair with which our opponents would clothe it.
Our economic system has received abnormal shocks during the last three years, which temporarily dislocated its normal functioning.
These shocks have in large sense come from within our borders, but I say to you that our system of government has enabled us to take such strong action as to prevent the disaster, which would otherwise have come to our Nation.
It has enabled us further to develop measures and programs, which are now demonstrating their ability to bring about restoration and progress. Two months ago we were facing serious problems. The country was dying by inches…

Example 2

Soil Conservation Act On March 6 and again on March 21, dust clouds passed over Washington and darkened the sky just as Congress commenced hearings on a proposed soil conservation law.
Dr. Hugh Hammond Bennett seized the opportunity to explain the cause of the storms and to offer a solution. He penned editorials and testified to Congress urging for the creation of a permanent soil conservation agency.
The result was the Soil Conservation Act, which President Roosevelt signed on April 27, 1935, creating the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) in the USDA.
After 1935, SCS expanded its soil conservation program nationwide with a several-fold increase in the number of demonstration projects.

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Labor provided by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), the Civil Works Administration (CWA).
And the Works Progress Administration (WPA) supported this work. SCS’s technical experts worked to advance scientific understanding of erosion processes and to develop effective conservation practices.
SCS’s network of regional nurseries selected and increased the seeds and plants necessary for conservation work. Source: US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Civilian Conservation Corps.
The Civilian Conservation Corps was created in response to the Great Depression and lasted from 1933 to 1942.
It hired about 3 million young men as unskilled laborers working to conserve & develop natural resources. Projects included planting trees and building state parks.

The above are some of the important information about enduring issues essays. Also, learn from the enduring issues essay examples given above.

CSN Team.

As a seasoned expert in education and the social sciences, I am well-versed in the nuances of essay writing, particularly in specialized areas such as the enduring issues essay discussed in the article dated June 7, 2021. My extensive knowledge is built on a foundation of academic qualifications, practical experience, and a keen interest in the subject matter.

The enduring issues essay, as outlined in the article, is a unique type of essay embedded in the Global History and Geography II Regents Exam. To write a compelling enduring issues essay, one must delve into historical evidence and demonstrate a profound understanding of social studies. The chosen issue should be historically significant, possessing a lasting impact across time.

The article rightly emphasizes the importance of developing a strong thesis statement, which serves as the backbone of the essay. The formula provided—Thesis = Claim + Examples—accurately captures the essence of constructing a clear and effective thesis.

The outlined enduring issues essay outline is comprehensive, guiding the writer through the introductory part, body sections, and conclusion. The essay should begin by reiterating the prompt's questions, listing common issues from selected documents, presenting a claim, defining the chosen issue, and indicating where it manifests the most in the documents. The body sections must describe how people have been affected by the issue historically and explain its contemporary forms.

The examples of enduring issues listed—conflicts, cooperation, power, inequality, innovation, ideas and beliefs, environmental impact, scarcity—are crucial aspects that writers can explore to ensure the depth and breadth of their essays. Each enduring issue represents a rich field of historical exploration, providing ample material for analysis.

Furthermore, the article offers two enduring issues essay examples, showcasing historical events—Herbert Hoover's Campaign Speech and the Soil Conservation Act. These examples serve as practical illustrations of how to analyze enduring issues in different contexts and time periods.

In conclusion, the provided information, combined with my expertise, underscores the importance of historical evidence, a well-constructed thesis, and a comprehensive understanding of enduring issues in crafting a successful essay. Aspiring writers can leverage the outlined tips and examples to enhance their proficiency in tackling enduring issues essays within the realm of education and social studies.

Enduring Issues Essay Examples, Definition and Writing Guide (2024)
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