Division 2 Nemesis guide: How to get the Exotic Sniper and find all the Nemesis parts (2023)


Here's everything you need to get your hands on the Division 2 Exotic Sniper, Nemesis

Division 2 Nemesis guide: How to get the Exotic Sniper and find all the Nemesis parts (1)

The Division 2 Nemesis is an exotic sniper rifle that marks itself out as one of the best weapons in The Division 2, and certainly one of the best Division 2 Exotics. After all, who doesn't love sniping? All firepower of a normal gun, but you stand too far away for anybody to hit you. Added as part of the Tidal Basin update, getting hold of this exotic sniper rifle requires a special technique and process that we've outlined below. If you want to get your hands on the Division 2 Exotic Sniper Nemesis - also known as an Exotic Marksman Rifle - read on for our Division 2 Nemesis guide.

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The Division 2 Nemesis Exotic Sniper talents

Division 2 Nemesis guide: How to get the Exotic Sniper and find all the Nemesis parts (2)

Many players have been calling the Nemesis overpowered, but we reckon this is how all exotics should be. Nevertheless, here are the Nemesis talents:

  • Counter-Sniper: Shots fired deal 0-100% weapon damage based on how long the trigger is held before releasing. The time to reach max weapon damage is reduced whenever a shot does not kill an enemy it hits.
  • Nemesis: Aiming at an enemy marks them as your nemesis for 15 seconds, letting you see them through walls. Your shots gain +5% damage to your nemesis for each second they are marked, to a max of 50%.
  • Preparation: While holstered, gain +25% headshot damage when scoped with your current weapon.

Combine those two active talents with the already insanely high 100k+ damage, and the Nemesis is an absolute monster. But how do you get it?

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How to get the Nemesis Exotic Sniper - All Division 2 Nemesis parts

Division 2 Nemesis guide: How to get the Exotic Sniper and find all the Nemesis parts (3)

Obtaining the Division 2 Exotic Sniper is a multi-stage process. First off, you have to progress your game to World Tier 4, then take on the Tidal Basin stronghold. Play all the way through in story mode until you reach the end, and you should progress to World Tier 5.

Next, take on the three new Invaded missions that unlock the Capitol Building stronghold again, and play through that. This will give you access to Tidal Basin again, but this time you can select which difficulty you play on. Pick your preferred difficulty - we'd recommend normal so you can get through it quicker - then play up until the section right after you destroy the first set of defences. Manny Ortega will tell you to patch ISAC into a laptop. Go upstairs in that building and on one of the bunkbeds, there should be a Black Tusk Keycard to pick up.

Continue playing through the mission until you reach the hovercraft cargo bay. Fight to the back of the hovercraft and when you're instructed to take a right turn and go through a door, go left instead and you'll find a door locked with a keypad. Interact with it and the Black Tusk Keycard will be consumed.

Go inside and you'll find a weapon crate containing the Adrestia SR-1 high-end marksman rifle. It might feel wrong to dismantle a named weapon, but you need to deconstruct the Adrestia SR-1 to obtain an exotic component: Marksman Rifle: Scope - The Tally. If you take a look at the inscription on the component, it mentions three other names; Klutz, Shorty, and Prime.

Division 2 Nemesis guide: How to get the Exotic Sniper and find all the Nemesis parts (4)

To obtain the other parts for the Nemesis, you need to kill these three people. Each one is a named Black Tusk boss at the end of the three invaded strongholds. Do you see where this is going? Head back to the invaded Capitol Building stronghold and play through it again. At the end, you'll fight Prime. He should drop the Marksman Rifle: Barrel - The Scourge. It's unconfirmed whether this is a random drop or not, so if it is, you'll need to run through the invaded version of the stronghold until it drops.

To obtain the Marksman Rifle: Bolt, you need to kill Shorty at the end of the invaded Roosevelt Island stronghold. For the Marksman Rifle: Stock - The Bridle, you need to kill Klutz in the invaded District Union Arena stronghold. That sounds easy, but the caveat is that the invaded strongholds rotate each week so you can only get the part available in the current rotation.

You also need to obtain the Nemesis blueprint after you've got all three parts, which can be found during the invaded Grand Washington Hotel mission. You need to kill Puck who's an early named boss during the mission and there's a chance he'll drop the Nemesis blueprint. If he doesn't, you've gotta try again until you get it.

Division 2 Nemesis guide: How to get the Exotic Sniper and find all the Nemesis parts (5)

Don't forget that you need to deconstruct the Adrestia SR-1 before you can obtain any of the parts, and you need all of the parts before you can get the blueprint. When you've got the Nemesis, enjoy one of the best guns in the game!

Need more Division 2 in your life? Check out the latest Division 2 patch notes.

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How do you get the nemesis exotic sniper rifle in Division 2? ›

You also need to obtain the Nemesis blueprint after you've got all three parts, which can be found during the invaded Grand Washington Hotel mission. You need to kill Puck who's an early named boss during the mission and there's a chance he'll drop the Nemesis blueprint.

Where can I find exotic sniper? ›

Where to find Heavy Sniper, Boom Sniper, and Ace's Exotics Vending Machine in Fortnite
  • The Boom Sniper is only available in the Ace's Exotics Vending Machine.
  • The Heavy Sniper can be found on the ground or in chests while looting, and in the standard Ace's Armory Vending Machine.
Feb 15, 2023

Where is the exotic sniper? ›

The Boom Sniper Rifle is an exotic weapon that can be purchased from Ace's Exotics vending machine. It fires a projectile that will stick to opponents and deal damage after a short while, making it a fun gun to bring along.

What is the most powerful sniper in The Division 2? ›

Most players in The Division 2 consider the Nemesis as one of, if not the best, snipers in the game. Although the Nemesis is less rapid in terms of fire rate than many others, it makes up for it with its long-zoom scope.

What is the best exotic assault rifle in Division 2? ›

The 'Eagle's Strike' talent, besides increasing accuracy as shots are fired, grants the tenacity buff upon headshots. Tenacity increases the damage of the Eagle Bearer greatly. All these factors come together to make the Eagle Bearer one of the best assault rifles in The Division 2.

What does the Black Tusk key card unlock? ›

That keycard will unlock a secret door on the left-hand side of the cargo hold of the Black Tusk hovercraft, later in the mission. The game will ask you to go right, and you'll go left. You'll open a door with a keypad in it, and inside you'll find a weapons crate. Open that crate to find the Adrestia SR1 Sniper Rifle.

How do I get Adrestia to legendary status? ›

To unlock this achievement you will need to purchase every upgrade for the Adrestia, your ship. You upgrade the Adrestia in the menu when under the 'Ship' tab. The upgrades are on the left. There are a total of 39 upgrades and each one costs resources and gold and lots of it!

What is the easiest exotic in Division 2? ›

First and *easiest* is the Kendra's Liberty. This is really easy if you have already acquired a high end D50 and held onto it, as the parts needed to craft it are guaranteed drops. However, the high end D50 itself is incredibly rare, so if you don't have one already move on to option two. Second is the Chatterbox.

What are the 24 exotic weapons in the division? ›

Exotic Items
Exotic Items in Tom Clancy's The Division
Light Machine GunsHungry Hog • Pakhan • Big Alejandro
Marksman RiflesHistorian • Tenebrae • The Devil's Heel (Devil/Heel)
Submachine GunsMidas • Valkyria (Hildr/Eir) • Thompson M1928 (Tommy Gun) • The House
ShotgunsDefiler • Cassidy • Medved • Showstopper
12 more rows

Which NPC sells the dragon's breath sniper? ›

Dragon's Breath Sniper Rifle is an Exotic weapon that you can buy from the Blaze NPC only.

How do you get nemesis in Division 2 Warlords of New York? ›

Puck's Nemesis Blueprint

To obtain the blueprint, players must kill the named enemy Phaedra "Puck" Lao from the Invaded Mission Grand Washington Hotel. Puck is the first named enemy of the mission, located in the hotel lobby.

What is the best exotic sniper rifle in Destiny 2? ›

You won't find a better Sniper Rifle for one-shotting enemies than Izanagi's Burden. This Exotic Sniper Rifle is capable of collapsing its magazine into an overcharged shot, causing this weapon to deal an absurd amount of damage. One bullet is usually enough to kill a Major or even Champions in mid-tier content.

What is the best exotic sniper in fortnite? ›

Izanagi's Burden. Unquestionably the most popular exotic sniper rifle in the game, Izanagi's Burden is a powerhouse weapon that deals an absolutely absurd amount of burst damage. This is thanks to the Honed Edge perk, which allows players to condense four rounds into a single shot.

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