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Cell through interactions Acupuncture Energy Balance Wireless impedance sensor Titrate of positive endexpiratory pressure Color intensity Textile dye Personalizing ventilation strategies trị liệu bằng y học cổ truyền PZT interface Textile dye wastewater Several responsible physicochemical parameters Eeneral energy analysis Biological method has gained momentum Therapy monitoring Automatic energy calculation through wireless smart meter using zigbee Impede destruction Energy calculation through wireless smart meter Efficient power utilization A new method for collecting the garbage non – using energy The garbage non – using energy Collecting the garbage The garbage cart Differential pulse voltammetric technique spherical particles Low silica X zeolite Carbon paste electrode Fiber volume fraction Carbaryl determination Diss fiber composite Silica X zeolite modified carbon Mediterranean wild plant Oxaliplatin resistance Renewable fiber composite Wnt signaling Renewable polyester composite Chemo-resistance Auto adhesion Polycarbonate behavior Uniaxial tests Alternative sweeteners Credit spread Manufacturing parameters Economic cycle Chemical (proximate) composition Recipe standardization and storability Influence of air gaps Pricing efficiency Jamun RTS Charge transfer Chinese bond market Alternative sweetners Density functional theory insights into Pro-cyclical behavior Bonding of CH3OH Descriptive inorganic chemistry CH3O with Ir(111) surface Hydrogen from CH3OH Ionic bonding Solvent systems Acid base behavior Oxidation and reduction The element free galerkin method The static analysis The 2-D elastic linear problem Study on anticorrosion properties of epoxy primers on steel Enforce the esseutial boundary conditions Epoxy primers on steel using a technique Epoxy resin DER671X75 buildings Properties of primer coatings Tire von-Mises Planar quasi-yagi for next generation wireless communication systems Piezoelectric functionally graded porous plates reinforced by graphene platelets dams 2D finite element Structure health monitoring Planar quasi-yagi Functionally graded porous tunnels Next generation wireless communication systems Stiffeners of wing structure Non-uniformly according Distortion energy theory End-fire radiation pattern Wing structure of airfoil shape Plates reinforced by graphene platelets Achieve optimal model Aerodynamic wing shape Bottom surfaces of host plate Digital NACA 0015 Cortical bone trajectory Lumbar instability Adjacent segment degeneration SecurePlatform An iterative greedy algorithm for sparsity-constrained optimization Optical Drives Logarithmic penalty function Iterative greedy algorithm Geometric programming

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SecurePlatform Shell, Penalized optimization problem, Mode control of guided wave in magnetic hollow cylinder, SNMP Support, Sparsity-constrained optimization, Equality constrained optimization, Stochastic programming, Electromagnetic acoustic transducer array, Namely gradient matching pursuit, Bridge monitoring, Logarithmic penalty function approach, Vision-based inspection, Longitudinal mode guided waves, Nonlinear constrained optimization problem, Bolted joint, Loosened bolt detection, Essential mathematics, Evolution strategies, Damage detection, Eeconomic analysis, Covariance matrix adaptation, ES-based methods, Matrix and vector algebra, Benchmark problems, Optimal design for three loop autopilot, Multi constraint optimization, Analytical inequality constraints, The design objective, optimal gain design, Management of road asset, Crossover frequency constraint, HAL-based Cascaded Model, Control effort constraint, Simulation and optimization of a silicon - polymer bimorph microgripper, National Road Network, Silicon - polymer bimorph microgripper, Variable-Length Semantic Pattern Induction, Psychiatry Web Resources, The polymer constraint effect, Electrothermally bimorph microgripper, Leaf length, Develop genotypes, Leaf width, Wheat genotypes, Developing estimation models, Characterize genetic resources, Suitable genotypes, Wheat Triticum aestivum L. cultivars, Plant growth chamber, Length of apex or spike and main shoot, Diameter of main shoot, Vernalization periods, Oscillating intercultural equipment, Surface area, Oscillating intercultural equipment for rice, Different combinations, Paddy crop yields, 6-BA on fruit growth rate, Ber genotype, Amaranthus paniculatus L, Different combinations of CPPU, Physical changes, Congenital abdominal, Malus domestica Borkh, Most promising genotypes, Developing apple, Zizyphus mauritiana L, Development of short pulse broadband, Pavement marking material, Neonatal intensive care nurses, Varietal development, Weight-for-length, LEA gene, Paediatric surgeons, Tunable narrow linewidth ultraviolet lasers using Ce:LiCAF, Polyurea pavement marking paint, Different genotypes of Ber, Identification of most promising genotypes, Written materials, Drought resistance in lentil, Development of polyurea pavement, Tunable narrow linewidth ultraviolet lasers, Major health problems, Seed and pod, Pavement markings make, Kannada language, Pod development in Cajanus Cajan, Short pulse laser, Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.), The safety of people, School levels, Rare earth-doped fluoride, LEA genes play important role, Design of frame, Relation to morphological, Develop readability formula, Weedicide tank, Genetic Markers, Phenological developments, Readability variables selected, Supporting frame of HTP pump, Th e Nature, Mediterranean Basin, Design length of belt, interconnected, Phase-Oriented Treatment, Grapevine Varieties, Diameter of pulley, historical developments, Breakthrough curves, Treatment Frame, Olive Oils, Dissociative Symptoms, global convention, Four-electrode probes, Controlling Posttraumatic, armed conflict, Hydrodynamic dispersion coefficients, Physical model, Flexible link, A Joint Rule Selection Model, A Joint Sequence Translation Model, Meaning transference, Foundation cross, Integrated Reordering, Heliothermal units, Critique of key theories, Evaluation index, Nadir Durrani, Meaning extension of over, Prevailing weather conditions, Image-based view, Joint Feature Selection, Elite Bivoltine silkworm, Stem and root rot, English preposition over, Foundation crosses suitable, Distributed Stochastic Learning, Stem and root rot of sesame, Large-Scale Discriminative Training in SMT, Joint Learning, Flower and yield, Dual SMT System, Gerbera jamesonii bolus, Paraphrase Generation, Hindi-to-Urdu Machine, Xanthomonas axonopodis pv, CF Gold, Translation Through Transliteration, CF Orange, Streptomycine sulphate, Nadir Durrani Hassan Sajjad Alexander Fraser Helmut, Ice Queen, Copper oxychlorite, Experimental investigation on improving the cooling performance, On Jointly Recognizing, Joint Decoding, Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus), Inhibition zone, Automobile radiator by using cuo nanofluid, Aligning Bilingual Named Entities, Multiple Translation Models, The cooling performance, Yufeng Chen, Yang Liu and Haitao Mi and Yang Feng and Qun Liu, Chengqing Zong, Analytical possibilities of rutherford backscattering spectrometry, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Elastic recoil detection analysis methods, Prolongation of the bor 60 reactor operation, Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, The bor 60 reactor operation, Concrete filled tube columns, Elastic recoil detection analysis, Knee disability, Lysholm knee score, Prolongation Of Operation, Concentrically loaded CFT, d Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis, Mass flow rate, International knee documentation committee, The BOR-60 reactor, CFT braces connections, Knee injury, Behavior of different connection configurations, The BOR-60 operating license up to 2020, Solar air heater, Standardized response mean, Experimental program, Knee-joint injuries, Longitudinal fins, Stable genotype, GxE interaction, Bulb yield, AMMI biplot analysis, friction stir welding parameters, Zinc and boron, Stability of grain yield, The fatigue life durability, Boron on growth, Forgotten Joint Score, Emission analysis, Austenitic stainless steel, Yield of onion under temperate conditions, Ceiling effect, Emission analysis of pongamia, Fatigue life parameters, Jatropha biodiesels, Plant industries worldwide, Diesel because of lower calorific value, The fabrication stage of components, Weightages of CAMEL ratios, Grey Relation analysis, Data Envelop Analysis, Grey Relation coefficient, Grey relational degree, Multi responses i.e. tensile strength, Strength and elongation, Friction Stir Welding process, A cauchy like problem in plane elasticity, Al6082-T651 aluminium alloys, Elastic stable intramedullary nailing, Determine the stress fiel, Grey relational analysis method, Biomechanical testing, Surface stresses given, Femoral diaphyseal fractures, The assumption of plane stress, Wear and CrN coating, Heat treatments on wear behavior, Nondestructive inspection of spent nuclear fuel storage canisters, EN 45 spring steels, Xanthated orange waste, Strain rate and nano ZNO addition, Shear horizontal guided waves, Wear behavior of EN 45, Mechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced polyester composite, Efficiency of low cost adsorbents, Spent nuclear fuel storage canisters, Glass fiber reinforced polyester composite, Ultrasonic vibration, Low cost adsorbents, The cask protecting the canister, The fiber/matrix interfacial bonding, Dry EDM, Removal of arsenic, Pulsed laser welding of Zre1%Nb alloy, Geometric constrains inside, The removal of arsenic from water, Powder additives, Pulsed laser welding, EDM in water, Studying the hydrogen content in the welds, Field Welding Inspection Guide, Zirconium alloys welds, The Welder Qualification, Weld Joint Preparation, Aluminum alloy T-joints, The Weld Tnspection, butt joint, The angular distortion, welding processes, The Weld Symbols, Process of GMAW, Chronic otitis media, TIG welding, Construction Handbook of Procedures for Structures, joining, Test Facility ROSA-2/LSTF, The magnitude of longitudinal shrinkage, Sensorineural hearing loss, Plasma welding, Artificial lodging, comparison, Hydraulic flume, Calculation code CATHARE, The welding heat input, Cerebellopontine angle tumours, Welding pipes, solidified, Feekes growth stage, Childhood aetiology, Point gauge, Concrete classification, Hydraulic performance of dripper installed, 2.V2.5. OECD/NEA ROSA-2, Otological trauma, Welding plate, Second primary malignancy, Weld Joints, Progressive resistance training, Adult aetiology, Bottom contraction, binding properties, Kernels and heading, Intermediate Break Loss Of Coolant Accident, Evaluation of hydraulic performance, Acute rhinosinusitis, oxyfuel gas welding, Loss of heterozygosity, Froude Number, Disorders of balance, Modification of yield structure, Thermal-hydraulic analysis, Remain unclear, Formalin-fixed-paraffin-embedded tissues, Crest height and Critical depth, Otological causes, Critical crop growth stage susceptible, Hydraulic non, Body weight loss, Vasomotor rhinitis, Concrete aggregates, Dicoccum wheat, Bone erosions, Periarticular bone loss, Large and massive rotator cuff tears, Anterolateral migration of the humeral head, Synovial inflammation, Tibial head fracture, Translation of the humeral head scale, Head rice recovery in rice, Biomechanical test, Grain filling stage of rice, Acromiohumeral interval, Static test, Head rice recovery was estimated, Cuff repair integrity, Tibial fracture fixation, Effect of aging treatment parameters, Magnetite nanocrystals, Microstructure and properties of Cu-Ni-Si alloy, Experimental results of gaslift process, Glass–ceramic, Cold pre-deformation, Two phase gas-liquid mixtures, Adding TiO2, Sequent aging time, Polystyrene probe, Fluid supplier facilities, Temperature range of 1000–1050 C, Antitumor antibody based capture technique, Spindle oil-air, Access channel, Influence of adding TiO2, Capture technique, Periodical gas-lift flows, Deposition-erosion process, Electron Probe Micro-analysis, EpCAM antibodies, Dung Quat thermal power plant, Breakwater in harbour, An Khanh TPP, Componentwise thermodynamic analysis, Bottom ash, Thermal power plant by designed software, Cao Ngan TPP, Heat rate and Inlet pressure, Replacement materials, Atmospheric Emissions Inventory, Power plants to replace natural sand, Titaniferrous ore by a high tension roll separator, Stationary Sources, Empirical modelling from boolean algebra, Wheat crops around, Energy demand, Empirical modelling from insight from boolean algebra, Coal based thermal power plant, Electrolytic plasma polishing technique, Emission inventory, Empirical modelling from insight from optimization, ED machined components, Air pollutants on growth, Surfaces of geometrically-complex, Electrolytic plasma polishing method, Perplexity Minimization, Translation Model Domain Adaptation, Resilient back propagation algorithm, Nonlinear quarter car, Compressive strength improvement, Multi-objective optimization MOSPO-CD, Preform design, FDM process, Quadratic tyre stiffness, Bevel Gear, Cubic stiffness in suspension spring, Forging process, Multi-criterion, Industrial competitiveness, The Random Oracle Model, Connected graphs, Random Oracle (RO) model, Monomial ideals, Attack of Luby-Rackoff with 5 Rounds, Simulator’s Running Time, Function depends, The average quantities, The Ideal Cipher Model, Boltzman distribution function, The Cipher Model